Privacy Policy

The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 was introduced by the Government to regulate the processing of data in commercial transactions. This Act, which covers all companies and firms established in Malaysia, requires us to notify you of your rights regarding your personal data being processed or to be collected and to be processed by us and the purposes for which processing of that data. This Act also requires us to obtain your consent to the processing of your personal data.

CleanHero cares about our customers’ privacy. We only collect, record, hold, store and use your Personal Data as set out below:

Data protection is about trust issues and we take your privacy seriously. Accordingly, CleanHero will only use your Personal Data in the manner set forth in this Privacy Notice. We will only obtain this Personal Data if it is necessary for us to do so in order to complete our business with you. The storage of this Personal Data is for as long as it is legally required or as it relates to the purpose of obtaining such Personal Data.

You are free to browse our website,, and, even our social medias, without having to provide any of your Personal Data. You will remain anonymous and we cannot detect you unless you register as a member on our website. In addition, we only have access to your social media when you start engagement such as “Share / Like / Comment”. This access is limited as you have configured it in the social site account.

Accordingly, you are advised that personal data and other information (collectively, “Personal Data”) provided during the booking process, during the process of cleaning or in connection with us, may be used and processed by CleanHero – owned by CH Cleaning Solution PLT. (LLP0009364-LGN) (“CleanHero”)

For any suggestions or complaints, please contact our customer service or email us at [email protected]

CleanHero will never sell, share or trade the Personal Data of customers we acquire online (Website, Social Site, SMS / Whatsapp).

The Personal Data we obtain in this way will only be shared with our group of companies and third parties for purposes permitted under the provisions of Malaysian law.

When you agree to use and subscribe to our services, the Personal Data we require is:

    • Name
    • Address of cleaning site
    • Telephone number
    • E-mail address
    • Date of birth (optional)
    • Gender (optional)
    • Credit/Debit card information (this information is managed by third parties, senangPay (Simplepay Gateway Sdn. Bhd. 1155742-H))

The Personal Data that we obtain will be used or shared within a group of companies or third parties for any or all of the following purposes:

  • To provide services ordered by the customer, whether by company groups or another company that we feel is entitled to replace our services (in the event of an emergency or we cannot meet customer demand);
  • To inform or update your booking status or for customer support purposes;
  • To provide service and booking information;
  • To process bookings and provide pre-booked services;
  • To enable us to manage the account(s) registered with us;
  • For the purpose of verifying and executing the payment transactions you make online. For example, payments made through our Website will be processed by our designated agents. Disclosures to data processing agents such as those we designate in this context are necessary for the purposes of conducting the sales transaction you have selected;
  • Non-compulsory personal information such as date of birth and gender will be used for the purpose of researching our customer demographics and for us to provide suggestions or information in the form of promotional emails that we find useful to you, thus enhancing your experience when you visit our websites and social medias. By providing this non-compulsory personal information, you are deemed to have agreed to be part of our study and to accept the above suggestions or information.

When we serve customers, some or all the following will be done:

  • Taking pictures of washed items;
  • Taking pictures of the environment of the cleaning site;
  • Taking pictures with the owner of the items (optional).

This information is collected for the purposes of:

  • Marketing and use on our website and social medias;
  • Monitoring the quality of work of our cleaning operators;
  • Proof of the cleaning product by our cleaning operators;
  • Learning and improving work quality.

You can update your personal information at any time by accessing your account in CleanHero website.

CleanHero ensures that all information obtained is stored safely and securely. We protect your personal information by:

    • Restricting the access to Personal Data by password only;
    • Maintenance of technology products to prevent unauthorized access;
    • Secure removal of your Personal Data when it is no longer needed for the purpose of maintaining our records;

Appointment of well-known and recognized agents for processing Personal Data for payment purposes. In addition, our agents also use 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to process your financial details. The 128-bit SSL encryption technique is estimated to take at least one trillion year to break and is an industry standard.

We will not share your Personal Data with organizations other than our group of companies and third parties directly for matters related to the performance of the services provided by the customer and for the purposes for which you have authorized.

In some exceptions, CleanHero may be required to disclose Personal Data, such as when there is a reason that such disclosure is necessary in order to avoid threats to life or health, or as required by Malaysian law. CleanHero has always been committed to complying with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 in particular its policies and guidelines and its regulations.

If you find that your privacy has been violated by CleanHero, please contact our Customer Service and we will resolve this matter.

As you browse the websites and social sites of CleanHero, the server will automatically record the information sent by the web browser. This data may include:

  • Your computer or device’s IP address;
  • Browser type;
  • Websites you were visiting before you came to this website;
  • The time spent on those pages, items and data searched for on the website, access times and dates, and other statistics.
  • This information is collected for analysis and evaluation to help us improve the quality of our website and social medias and the services and products we offer. This data will not be used in conjunction with any other personal information.

In regards to direct marketing, you may request CleanHero in a written notice (as provided in the next paragraph) not to process your Personal Data for any of the following purposes: (i) advertising or marketing via telephone / email / letter for product or the services of our CleanHero or our company groups, (ii) send to you by telephone / email / letter of advertising or marketing materials CleanHero or our our company groups, (iii) send a simple messaging system (SMS) / Whatsapp / use any social media we own advertising or marketing materials of CleanHero or our company groups; or (iv) communicate with you through any means of advertising or marketing materials of CleanHero or our company groups.

You may at any time submit inquiries, complaints and requests for access to, and correction of, your Personal Data or limit the processing of your Personal Data by sending us such requests via registered mail or email: [email protected]

CleanHero reserves the right to modify and amend the Privacy Notice at any time. Any amendments to this policy will be published on our website. You should check this Policy every time you access the Cleanhero website so that you are fully informed of the latest version used

If you have any dissatisfaction with the way we handle your inquiry or complaint, please contact our Customer Service.